People Operations Manager

Education is key to solving almost all the challenges faced by the Arab world. At QRF, we are working to revolutionize the delivery and access to education across the Arabic-speaking region in order to enable Arab society to fulfill its potential. We are passionate about making the Arab world a better place through education.

QRF realizes that its key asset as a pioneering effort in the 21st century will be easy the people it hires. Ensuring that asset remains valuable means two things: ensuring QRF hires the right people, and ensuring it is able to retain them once they are at QRF. 

QRF’s People Operations Manager (PMO) must not only possess the technical skills and experience to nurture QRF’s most valuable assets but also share the founding team’s vision for QRF’s culture, values and mission. The People Operations Manager will work directly with the CEO. She (or he) will have 5 areas of responsibility: recruiting, staff learning and development, performance reviews, employee happiness, and maintaining QRF’s culture. QRF strongly believes that “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and takes its culture very seriously.  The People Operations Manager will be responsible for supporting the CEO in ensuring that QRF’s culture is maintained and continues to thrive. As the responsibilities of the PMO grow she will be expected to grow her team and hire staff to support her.

Major Areas of Responsibility

  • Recruiting:
    • Responsible for running and coordinating the hiring process for all job openings at QRF starting with advertising for open positions to extending formal offers. Hiring manager will be the first point of contact for all job applicants and perform phone screenings.
    • Develops and upgrades the QRF hiring process, supporting the transition to hiring based on panel decisions.
    • Ensures that all QRF recruitment is executed according to company standards.
    • Works with team leaders to develop succession plans for all critical positions.
    • Develop a pipeline of eligible candidates by constantly interviewing and screening candidates and developing an extensive network of applicants and potential hires. The best candidates are not applying for jobs and must be head hunted.
  • Learning & Development for Strategy:
    • Works with team leaders to identify key skills required by their teams and potential shortages to support QRF in meeting its strategic goals and targets.
    • Supervises the learning plan development process for all team members responding to identified critical shortages.
    • Supports team members in following their learning and development plans by providing advice and recommendation on trainings (both online and offline), conferences, and opportunities for growth (internal/external).
    • Ensures team members receive appropriate feedback on a quarterly basis.
    • Leads on organizing the QRF Academy sessions which consist of internal team development sessions in a wide array of areas.
  • Performance Review:
    • Reviews and updates QRF’s current performance appraisal process to ensure it that it adheres to the latest standards in employee motivation and productivity.
    • Regularly review QRF’s compensation schemes to ensure they are competitive in context. 
    • Supervises the annual employee review process, and helps QRF transition to a committee review process.
    • Works with team members that require support in improving their performance to develop ideal learning and development plans (see above).
  • Employee Happiness:
    • Regularly reviews and optimizes QRF’s internal policies and procedures including employee benefits.
    • Constantly works to reduce the amount of paperwork and bureaucracy at QRF, realizing that bureaucracy is not needed when you hire fully formed adults that you trust.
    • Organizes team building and bonding activities on a quarterly basis.
    • Works with the QRF IT Senior Officer to ensure that all work related technologies at the office are functional and allow team members to operate optimally.   
  • QRF Culture:
    • Works with the QRF CEO to ensure that QRF’s culture and values are observed at all times and in all QRF dealings internally and externally.
    • Conducts the QRF quarterly Culture Temperature Survey to gain insight on the health of QRF’s culture and support the team in modeling behaviors that support our growth.
    • Facilitates difficult team discussions as a neural observer when needed in observance of QRF’s value of openness. 

Job Requirements

Soft skills:

  • Strong passion for talent growth and development
  • Passion for education and ability to readily take ownership.
  • Passion and humbleness for learning and growth.
  • Ability to readily take ownership and be self-directed.
  • People oriented and results driven
  • Excellent active listening, negotiation, conflict resolution and presentation skills (demonstrated track record)
  • Competence to build and effectively manage interpersonal relationships at all levels of the company

Technical skills:

  • In depth knowledge of labor law and best practices around managing human capital.
  • Demonstrated experience in people management, talent development and human resources with teams of over 15 people.
  • Strong grasp of performance review and management techniques and software

Education and Experience


  • BA/BS in one or several of Human Resources, Business, Psychology or other related fields.
  • Candidates with an MBA strongly preferred.
  • Fluency in Arabic and English.


  • Minimum of relevant 8 years work experience, exceptions possible but unlikely.  
  • Candidates with startup experience are strongly preferred.


  • Dependent on experience and other qualifications.